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It’s easy to get organized and stay organic -with custom storage solutions from Rubbermaid®. It’s the brand preferred most by consumers and builders alike. And “custom” is the key word: Rubbermaid has a wide range of storage options, so you’ll find it easy to make your storage solution fit your needs.

A. Colours Available

White wire may look great in the reach- in closets and utility room, but the decor in your pantry and master closet may call for the look of our Satin Nickel finish.

B. Folding vs. Hanging

One of the first things to ask yourself in designing your closet is how much space you need for folded clothes vs. those you want to hang.

C. Double Hanging

You’ll get twice as much space for shirts, blouses and trousers by choosing a Double Hang configuration.

D. Long Hanging

You need to devote at least 10% of your closet to Long Hanging space for coats and dresses.

E. Shoe Shelves

Keep shoes accessible and off the floor with shoe shelves.

F. FreeSlide™ Shelving

Good’bye closet frustrations! Hello FreeSlide. Convential wire shelving has metal supports every 12″ that prevent hangers from sliding in either direction. FreeSlide’s innovative design allows hangers to glide from wall-to-wall without interruptions.

G. TightMesh Shelving

If you’ve ever struggled to balance small items on ordinary wire shelving, you’ll love TightMesh. Closely spaced wires make this shelf the perfect fit anywhere you need to store small items that you don’t want to tip.

H. Ultra FreeSlide™ Shelving

It’s the best wire closet shelf money can buy Ultra FreeSlide combines all of the benefits of our TightMesh and FreeSlide Shelving.

I. Linen Shelving

Linen shelves are the easiest and most economical way to get organized.

J. Wardrobe Shelving

Wardrobe shelves are designed for hanging clothing.


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